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Visual Flow Data






The MPC Model 202 Visual Flow Indicator (VFI) is a durable, efficient and inexpensive  device used to monitor liquid flow. A few of the most common applications for the VFI include the monitoring of cooling water to welding and die casting machines.

The movement of the multi-colored balls inside a a clear lens mounted in a forged brass base readily indicates flow within the system. The VFI is designed for easy in-line or panel installation. The MPC VFI operates in all planes and positions, vertical and horizontal, providing visibility from virtually any angle.

Just one glance shows you how everything is flowing!

Key Features Typical Applications
• Low Cost
• Sizes from 1/4" to 1" NPT
• Solid brass alloy body
• Clear, tough Lexan® liner and dome
• Buna-N seals
• Self-cleaning ball action
• Compact size
• In-line or panel installation
• In Stock for quick delivery
• Welding machines / tooling
• Die cast machines / tooling
• Plating industry
• Injection molding
• Extrusion machines
• Fire protection systems
• Automotive assembly
• Steel mills
• Paper mills

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